Dry Creek Trail (CA)

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This is a paved pathway with a couple of foot bridges and roadway underpasses. You will see many people walking, running, skating, and biking; many people are accompanied by their dogs on leash. At the western end the trail ends near downtown Modesto. The trail meanders through a parkway and sierries of neighborhood parks that lie along Dry Creek. Variable amounts of water flow through Dry Creek, as expected according to rainfall. Much of the park is below the level of surrounding neighborhoods, and historically may have been flooded. The parkway has a variety of vegetation, with more eucalyptus at the western end and more native oaks and natural landscape at the eastern end. A variety of resident valley birds and small animals may be seen and heard. In the winter, migrating birds increase on the creek. In the midrange of the trail is a Dry Creek Regional Park with a parking lot, childrens play areas, tennis courts, restrooms, and an extensive frisbee golf course (free access but bring your own frisbee). During summer afternoons, the sections of the trail that are less shaded can become extremely hot, and it is recommended that you carry a large supply of cool water, as drinking fountains are far between and sometimes out of order. Dry creek itself waters the trees and helps cool the environment a bit, but the local don't advise drinking this runoff water. The trail is also bordered by a golf course and an orchard on the south at the eastern end. The trail is closed after dark. This trail is part of a larger plan to interconnect much of Modesto with trails.

Parking and Trail Access

From out of town on Interstate 99 exit east on Briggsmore Ave, turn south on Oakdale Road, continue beyond Scenic Ave where Oakdale Road turns into El Vista Ave. and take the next right turn on Edgebrook Dr, continue to the right turn entrance into Dry Creek Regional Park. (Other parking lots are located at Coffee Rd. & Scenic Ave. and North Morton Blvd & Downey Ave. which provide access when the footbridges are open. Several branches along the parkway also connect to neighborhood streets.)


Sunday PM Walk

   February, 2015 by jamesholland

We started at the Coffee Road entrance and walked to just past the El Vista overpass. It was a great afternoon with perfect weather on February 15 2015. The temperature was in the mid to high 60s, so just right for walking. Everything was green except ...read more

Drycreek Trail

   July, 2014 by rlynntrails

Great trail. Each mile provides new and different scenery. Good year round. Can be very hot on summer afternoons. read more

Nice Scenic Trail - 5/31/10

   June, 2010 by dham

This is a well-maintained asphalt trail, mostly level with a few slopes. According to my GPS, the length of the trail is closer to 4.6 Miles instead of 6 miles. There is a very nice park and golf course along the trail. There is also a frisbee golf course. ...read more