East Northbrook Trail

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The East Northbrook Trail is a 1-mile route through a wooded corridor adjacent to an out-of-service rail corridor in the Village of Northbrook. The trail provides access to residential neighborhoods, office parks and other amenities branching off from Dundee Road.

A short trip east from the East Northbrook Trail’s northern endpoint at Dundee Road will lead you to the scenic North Branch Trail, a meandering 20-mile route through the northern suburbs of Chicago.

The East Northbrook Trail may itself eventually be incorporated into or supplanted by a new route for the Skokie Valley Trail, a proposed rail-trail extending north for more than 20 miles from Chicago to Lake Bluff. Three other segments of the planned trail are currently open: the Skokie Valley Trail between Highland Park and Lake Bluff (the longest segment); the Skokie Valley Trail in the heart of the Village of Skokie; and the Valley Line Trail—also known as the Sauganash Trail—in Chicago.

Parking and Trail Access

On-street parking is available in the neighborhood at the southern end of the trail off Sunset Ridge Road.


Not Much To It

   September, 2015 by wilhelmggw

This is such a short stand-alone trail, I can't imagine too many people using it, except as a shady neighborhood walkway. For that it serves well. But there's no reason to travel from some other place just to check it out. There are a lot of nicer trails ...read more

Northbrook bike path

   December, 2000 by

"This trail currently doesn't really connect up with anything and is not that great. However an effort is being made to link it to the Skokie Valley trail in Highland Park, making a continuous bike path from Northbrook to Lake Bluff. The south end of ...read more