Elk River Trail

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This trail provides access to Coonskin Park and runs near the adjacent airport. Sections of the trail are very steep. While the majority of the trail is not a rail-trail, there is a short section that runs parallel to an out-of-service rail line, making it a very short rail-with-trail.

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trail update

   August, 2011 by dan117

I have to disagree with some of the information posted about this trail. I have ridden this trail regularly over the past few years. I will agree that only a small portion of it was originally a rail bed then it splits away. However, the terrain is not ...read more

Inaccurate information.

   February, 2007 by

"This trail is far too steep for wheelchair access, unless the person had a very strong attendant; parts of it are too steep for all but the strongest cyclist. At one point runoff from the airport created so much mud I had to pick up my bike and walk ...read more

On further consideration. . .

   February, 2007 by

"Although it is a good backdoor into Coonskin Park from Charleston, it: 1. Is not a RailTrail. There is an abandoned rail line that follows the Elk River, cuts through Coonskin Park, and then goes on to Clendenin and beyond, but it has not (yet?) been ...read more