Elliott Bay Trail (Terminal 91 Bike Path)

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The Elliot Bay Trail winds through two contiguous parks as it passes between the waterfront and the active Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad line. The Myrtle Edwards Park Trail runs parallel to the Elliot Bay Trail within Myrtle Edwards Park. The trail can be accessed from many points along the way and is seperated into different sections for wheels and for pedestrians. The wheels side is plagued with buckling pavement- a problem for beginners. Both trails are narrow but picturesque.

The trail features a rose garden and stunning views across the bay with spectacular views of sunsets, the Olympic Mountains, and Mount Rainer at various points. The trail provides access to popular bike routes off from 20th Avenue West and is about 1/2 mile away from the Smith Cove Marina restaurants. Along the trail, there is a kiosk outside Smith Cove Park that highlights the area's railroad and shipping history, while the Happy Hooker by the Fishing Pier provides a nice rest stop where there are restrooms and drinking water.

The trail is fairly flat and wide, yet has one point around Galer Street where the trail becomes bumpy as it crosses old railroad tracks, briefly becomes very narrow, then climbs and decends a steep overpass.

Parking and Trail Access

There is metered lot at Myrtle Edwards Park, found at Alaskan Way and Broad Street. The lot is metered until 6 pm except Saturday and holidays. There is also free parking along West Galer Street.



   August, 2010 by trailbear

TRAILBEAR ON THE WATERFRONT – The Elliott Bay Trail 8.20.2010 OVERVIEW… Short but scenic. It’s hard to get up to speed on this trail (no pace lines, please) as there is a lot to see and a lot of peds, dogs, etc. to avoid. Color it a Family ...read more