Enola Low Grade Trail

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The Enola Low-Grade Trail (formerly the Atglen-Susquehanna Trail) is open for nearly 29 miles in disconnected segments between the Susquehanna River and Atglen in southeastern Pennsylvania. It follows an abandoned right-of-way of the old Atglen and Susquehanna Branch, one of several branch lines of the Pennsylvania Railroad that linked Atglen with the Harrisburg area.

The trail runs through several townships and each manages its own section, so trail conditions may vary among them. In some places there is heavy ballast where wide tires are recommended if you’re biking. In other places the trail has been improved with crushed limestone.

Its newest addition, which opened in August 2013, is a beauty with towering cliffs on one side and river vistas on the other. It extends the trail 5.25 miles further west following the Susquehanna from an old railroad trestle over the Conestoga River to Manor Township. Conestoga and Manor townships hope to one day refurbish the bridge into a pedestrian crossing to link the rail-trail segments on either side of the river.

The Martic Forge trestle is currently closed, but its renovation is anticipated to be completed by Spring 2015. You can detour around the trestle by taking SR 324 (Marticville Road) south to River Road and the turn onto Colmanville Church Road. There is also a detour around Route 222 near Quarryville; plans are in the works to build a pedestrian bridge over the highway. You will encounter other road crossings where tunnels or bridges have been ordered to be removed. For trail updates and conditions call the local township managers.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at many points along the trail, listed here west to east:

  • Manor Township: a new trailhead with spaces for about 60 cars is accessible from Route 441 at the base of Turkey Point.
  • Conestoga Township: parking and an informational kiosk are available at the end of Colemanville Church Road (north of the trail)
  • Martic Township: at the intersection of State Route 324 (Marticville Road) and Red Hill Road
  • Eden Township: off Bushong Road.
  • Quarryville: a trailhead with parking is available at Fairview Road just west off of Route 222



Sounds nice!

   June, 2015 by derbeagle

I am a dog walker. I look for UN-paved trails, my Beagle is a sniffer, the old NOSE attached to four legs! So I look for NON asphalt trails. I look for trails where I can walk the Beagle without getting run over by bike riders. I try to keep her off to ...read more

Be wary of the negative reviews

   May, 2015 by bksell

Yes, the trail is discontinuous because of old railroad bridges and separate municipalities. We rode the trail between the Turkey Hill overlook and the Safe Harbor dam. It's approximately five miles, which is a bit more than 10 miles out and back. The ...read more

It's 8 miles long and in need of MAJOR upgrades

   May, 2015 by newarkbikeprojectworker

This trail is only 8 miles long of improved surface (not paved), but that stretch is nice enough, though there is no parking. The other miles are all loose gravel that was rough going on a rigid Trek (no suspension). Sections were flooded, unmarked, ...read more