Interurban Trail (North)

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The Interurban Trail (North) runs for 25 miles between Everett, Washington, in the north and the Seattle neighborhoods of Bitter Lake and Greenwood in the south. The trail—which is not to be confused with the more southerly trail of the same name stretching between Tukwila, Pacific and Fife—follows the old right-of-way used by the Seattle-Everett Interurban, which connected the two cities in the early 20th century.

The trail is a popular commuting route through an urban landscape north of Seattle. The busy trail links many businesses and neighborhoods, and even features a direct connection to the Everett Mall at SE Everett Mall Way. Most of the trail is off-road but there are a few designated bike routes on-road; signs will guide you. A long segment of the trail parallels Interstate 5. Despite the asphalt surface, the trail accommodates horseback riders on certain segments in Snohomish County.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the Interurban Trail can be found at the Everett Mall where the trail meets SE Everett Mall Way/State Route 99 and at the Lynwood Transit Center on 46th Avenue W. Additional parking can be found on city streets; refer to the TrailLink map for exact locations.


Lovely ride, but terrible signage

   August, 2014 by trailmap13

This is a great asphalt trail with interesting things to look at along the way. Not many pedestrians or cyclists on Sunday morning. Now here's what made me give it only three stars: there is little to no signage. It's very aggravating. We had to constantly more

International Eating Along the Trail

   December, 2013 by edmonds_rider

The Interurban intersects with 224th SW in Edmonds. While there is no sign @ this point, by paying attention to your location, go west 2 blocks and you'll be in Edmond's International District. For several blocks, lots of good eating @ a variety of Asian more

Interurban Trail North

   July, 2013 by despoke

The other day i wanted to take a stroll down the Interurban Trail as I had heard a lot about it but had yet to walk or cycle it. What I really wanted to do would have been more than a stroll as I was planning to walk north from the Four Freedoms house more