Fort Pearce Wash Trail

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The Fort Pearce Wash Trail is one of many trails in the City of St. George. This short trail merges with Virgin River South for a short distance, meeting the east end of Webb Hill Trail, then (via an 8% grade) joins with the Bloomington Hills North Trail at the Larkspur trailhead.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the St James trailhead, take Exit 4 on I-15 to E. Brigham Road; go 1.7 miles to S. River Road and turn left. Go 2.4 miles to St James Lane; parking is on the left after 0.9 mile.

To reach the Larkspur trailhead, take Exit 4 off I-5 onto E. Brigham Road and go1.5 miles to Bloomington Hills Drive. take a left and go 1.2 miles to N. Fort Pierce Drive; go 0.7 mile to the trailhead; parking is on the left.


Fort Pearce Wash Trail Short & Smooth.

   April, 2011 by noeljkelller

Trail in excellent condition. Great view from the top. Noel Keller 27 Mar 2011 read more