Gandy Dancer Trail - Northern Section

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This 98-mile, "interstate" trail crosses into Minnesota and then back again into Wisconsin on its way from St. Croix Falls to its connection with the Saunders State Trail just south of Superior. In Wisconsin the trail is maintained and managed by Polk, Burnett and Douglas counties. The Minnesota DNR manages the section of the Gandy Dancer trail in Minnesota.

Built on a former railroad corridor, the trail is named for the work crews who laid the railroad tracks. The crews used tools made by the Gandy Tool Company of Chicago. The crews were known to work by keeping their voices and the movement of their feet and tools in harmony. This manner of work led the crews to become known as "Gandy Dancers."

The Gandy Dancer State Trail is divided into a northern segment and a southern segment. Trail uses for the two segments are also divided. Most of the year the southern segment allows only non-motorized recreation on the trail, while the northern segment offers motorized recreation year-round.

This northern segment begins on the Minnesota side of the St. Croix River. The trail runs for 32 miles in Minnesota and then crosses back into Douglas County for 19 miles. All-terrain vehicle (ATV) are permitted year-round on this segment. ATVs must display valid registration in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. Visitors from Minnesota will need a non-resident ATV trail pass to ride the Wisconsin portion in Douglas County. Walking, mountain biking, horseback riding and snowmobiling are also permitted on the northern segment. Bicyclists and cross-country skiers do not need trail passes on this segment.

Sections of the trail in Douglas County are typically closed each spring because of the soft trail base.

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Northern end (Douglas County WI) completely impassable

   September, 2009 by bigbaer

The trail is not maintained at all and only usable by ATV's. A total bust. read more

Beautiful view worth the walk

   June, 2009 by winative

The trail north from Danbury is an ATV trail not suitable for road bikes. However, we chanced upon a group walking south and they advised us to hike to the bridge. We were glad we did as the view overlooking the St Croix River is beautiful! read more

A bit disappointing

   October, 2008 by dreamshark

We were a bit disappointed in this trail. We started at the south end, which meant a 2-mile climb out of the river valley. This part was scenic, but grueling. After that, it was flat and rather dull, running through farmland. After the first 2 miles the more