Ghost Town Trail

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Despite its eerie name, there's nothing scary about the Ghost Town Trail. The trail is named for the numerous towns that were served by the Ebensburg & Blacklick Railroad, as well as the Cambria & Indiana Railroad. It winds through scenic Blacklick Creek watershed, from Ebensburg to Grafton, passing historical artifacts and offering opportunities to see a variety of wildlife. The trail, originally established in 1991, is a designated National Recreation Trail

If you hit the trail early enough, you're likely to encounter deer and more than a few chipmunks. Once the sun gets high, watch out for the occasional snake sunning itself on the warm pathway. A few interpretive signs along sections of the trail provide information about the mining towns, as well as some of the historical features. Mining slag and old railroad ties can be found at numerous points along the trail. Just west of Vintondale, you come to Eliza Furnace, on the National Register of Historic Places and one of Pennsylvania's best preserved iron blast furnaces.

East of Saylor Park, the trail passes a salvage yard of discarded rail cars. They make for a pleasant surprise, as the rusted hulks seem to bloom among the trees. In 2009 two beautiful bridges were installed to cross the Blacklick Creek west of Dilltown, one of the most popular trailheads along the route

Some portions run though game lands—wear orange during hunting season. Bring your camera along to capture the natural beauty and historical features that you'll encounter during your visit. At the west end of the trail in Saylor Park, follow signs to connect to the Hoodlebug Trail

Parking and Trail Access

On the eastern end of the trail, you can reach the Ebensburg trailhead from Altoona by taking Route 22 west to Ebensburg and then turning right (north) onto South Center Street. The street snakes left and then right. Before it veers right, you will see the trailhead and parking straight ahead.

On the western end of the trail, ample parking is available at Saylor Park (1284 Old Indiana Road) in Blairsville.


   September, 2014 by bpatch

Beautiful ride. Started in Saylor Park in Blairsville toward Dilltown. Cute little bed and breakfast in Dilltown with picnic grove and place to get a sandwich and snacks. Trail runs along creek with gorgeous views of the area. Loved it and will definitely more

Nice trail and ride with decent facilities

   August, 2014 by cwallace128

We spent two days traveling from Dilltown east to Ebensburg and west to Saylor park. We saw one Orb and one fellow dressed like Natty Bumpo fishing in Blacklick Creek. Since the creek has been dead for 100 years we couldn't believe he would catch anything. more

A Fine Ride.

   June, 2014 by philanthus

June, 2104 My wife and I on our 40th anniversary had a wonderful weekend on two rail trails. We did the Ghost Town Trail from just W of Dilltown to the E terminus at Ebensburg and back. Going E first puts allows a downhill return trip, a good idea more