Half Moon Bay Coastside Trail

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Half Moon Bay State Park's Coastside Trail runs parallel to the Pacific Coast along what used to be the Ocean Shore Railroad. The railroad itself was in operation for just 14 years before it was driven out of business in the early 1920s by the automobile. However, the railroad had a tremendous effect on the Northern California coastline. It opened the area to agriculture, created new communities along the shoreline and made the coastal beaches prime tourist destinations.

The Coastside Trail is truly a destination trail. It offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, access to several beaches and excellent nature viewing. Bird watching is quite good and a popular activity here. Red-tailed hawks, blue herons and red-winged blackbirds are spotted frequently, and large hawks can often be seen perched on benches and the trail's split-rail fence. Half Moon Bay State Beach is also home of the world-famous Mavericks, a surfing spot near Pillar Point that's visible from the trail. In winter, surfers can ride waves up to 80 feet high here.

You can park at the Half Moon Bay State Beach Visitor Center for a fee and pick up the trail here. Heading north you follow the paved trail for about 2 miles in total. On your left is the coastline and on your right, the equestrian trail. Beyond this trail are views of gorgeous beachfront properties. A mile into your walk, you reach another parking lot with access to Venice Beach. The rail-trail continues for about another mile then merges into Mirada Road. If you continue walking on Mirada Road for a few minutes, you will end up at the Miramar Beach Restaurant, a bar and restaurant that overlooks the ocean. This is a great place to watch the sunset; the Miramar even posts a daily sunset schedule on its website.

Heading south from the visitor center, the Pacific Ocean is on your right and the equestrian trail on your left. Beyond this horse trail are open, green fields. The trail hugs the bluff's edge here. As you head south, you see a landscape of wind-sculpted trees. It is typically windy along the bluff, so be sure to bring a jacket for this leg of the trail.

The rail-trail officially ends about 1 mile in, and the surface changes to dirt. However, you can continue walking south along the cliff's edge on the path. This path, which the Coastside Trail is also a part of, is a segment of the much longer California Coastal Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the Half Moon Bay State Beach visitor center, take State Route 1 and turn on Kelly Avenue toward the coast. The visitor center is at the end of Kelly Avenue. Park in the visitor center parking lot. There is no parking at the endpoints.

Additional parking is available at Venice Beach, at the end of Venice Boulevard off SR 1, and Dunes Beach, at the end of Young Avenue off SR 1.


Really nice

   June, 2014 by karenhey

Our weather wasn't good -- foggy and drizzly -- but it was a nice, flat, paved, quiet (on a weekday) 3.5 mile path along the ocean. We jogged it and it was perfect distance and not too strenuous, but it would be a great family bike ride from end to end. ...read more

Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful weather

   July, 2013 by jmergard

This is a trail that you might get less exercise on because you want to stop every few minutes to take pictures! I went Friday and can't wait to get back this weekend and take my wife who doesn't enjoy long complicated rides. I parked at the visitor's ...read more

A Favorite Family Ride

   April, 2010 by 1000clowns

We like to take a slow ride on weekends and then go have brunch in Half Moon Bay. There are fewer pedestrians and dog owners than many of the trailes that I ride; they tend to cross the trail to walk on the beach. The ride can be extended to the south ...read more