Heritage Trail (IA)

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Iowa's Heritage Trail runs for nearly 30 miles between the city of Dubuque and the town of Dyersville to the west. Short portions of the trail are paved within the two communities, but the vast majority of the path has a crushed limestone surface. The entirety of the trail follows an old railroad corridor of the former Chicago Northwestern line. You'll see remnants of the area's milling and mining past along the way, which were linked via the rails.

Other towns you'll pass through are Farley, Epworth, Graf, Twin Springs, Budd Road and Durango. But the Heritage Trail also features scenic landscapes of woodland, farmland, limestone bluffs, prairies and wetlands.

Snowmobiles are allowed on the length of the trail when snow reaches a depth of 4 inches, but horses are not permitted anywhere on the trail. There is a day-use fee to use the trail. Refer to the Dubuque County website for information on where to buy trail passes.

Parking and Trail Access

A large parking lot for the Heritage Trail is available in Sageville on Rupp Hollow Road. Additional parking can be found in Durango, Twin Spring, Graf, Epworth, Farley and Dyersville (at the western terminus).


Our absolute favorite trail in Iowa.

   November, 2016 by mummer005

Iowas great secret! We went to "destination trail" in Minnesota the week before our 1st visit to Heritage Trail and I was afraid of being underwhelmed by a nearby Iowa trail.Wrong!This the Root River Trail,just on a smaller scale.It is a beautiful,scenic,historic ...read more

nice Sunday walk

   August, 2016 by swickham99

Nice trail though very busy with bikers. If looking for a 4 mile Sunday stroll start in Sageville and walk to the old bridge for lunch and back! read more

Fantastic trail!

   August, 2016 by ebyoung

We had a wonderful day biking this trail on 8 Aug 2106! It is extremely well maintained and the scenery is wonderful, with the first 2/3 in shady groves with limestone bluffs and the last part between Farley and Dyersville through cornfields. There was ...read more