Humbug-Willow Creek Trail

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The Humbug-Willow Creek Trail is really a collection of multi-use trails in the city of Folsom, about 32 miles' worth, and more are planned. The trails snake throughout the city, between Folsom Lake in the north and Alder Creek in the south and between Lake Natoma in the west and Empire Ranch Road in the east. Some of the trails follow along Humbug Creek and Willow Creek, hence the name.

Also included in the Folsom Trail system is the Folsom Parkway Rail Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

The Humbug-Willow Creek Trails are accessible from numerous places throughout the city.


Pleasant ride.

   January, 2015 by trail53link

Rode as many trails as I could find in Folsom. The Humbug and Willow Creek trails have beautiful scenery even though they pass through residential areas. The surface on all trails is good to excellent with a small amount of root heave in places. I more

Time Well Spent

   October, 2012 by sandjnovak

Humbug-Willow Creek Trail is very family friendly. I wouldn't try to do the whole thing with a 5yr old but I'm sure that little Lance is out there. My wife and son who's 13 have really been enjoying it lately. It's also a great trail to take to the American more

Humbug Trail

   March, 2010 by timonstrophy

The complete trails are not here, but the system now goes from Vista Lago to Green Valley & E Natoma and all the way to Lake Natomas. This is class A trail that is unused on all but the most beautiful of days. I like to climb up to Beals, come back and more