I-515 Trail

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The I-515 Trail runs through eastern Las Vegas, providing a useful alternative route along the busy highway, which is also known as US 95. This pathway starts downtown, off N. Maryland Parkway, and winds through commercial and residential areas with distant views of the mountains.

Midway, the trail stops at the southwestern corner of the upscale Desert Pines Golf Club, before picking up again at Stewart Avenue and running to E. Charleston Boulevard.

The final segment begins at E. Sahara Avenue and travels to E. Flamingo Road, not far from the neighborhood shopping centers of Sandhill Square and Paradise Marketplace.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking can be found at Sandhill Square or Paradise Marketplace at the southern end of the trail along E. Flamingo Road. Follow the sidewalk to the start of the trail at Interstate 515.


Not comfortable walking here-

   February, 2015 by chezgigi

I like to use the Flamingo Arroyo Trailhead near DI on Pecos. Its near my home. However, many times there are homeless men sheltering under the public structures and living under that overpass. I use a walker, and I'm not comfortable walking near that ...read more

I-515 Utility trail

   August, 2014 by noeljkelller

I would not consider this a recreational trail, It has utility value for locals and homeless, with expensive overpasses. However it has some interesting views of human made structures as well as mountains , but is very noisy from I-515 traffic. Also several ...read more

Negative Rating for the I-515 Trail.

   July, 2012 by BFMathews

Last week, July 1, I searched for the I-515 Trail. After much driving around, I found it. It wasn't worth the effort. The neighborhood is run-down, as is the Trail. The Trail appears to be very old, and in need of repair. The asphalt is cracked and broken. ...read more