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Scenic and interesting are uncommon terms used to describe a trail alongside a busy freeway, but the I-90 Trail in Washington is different. The trail begins in the west in Seattle and runs for 10 miles across Lake Washington and Mercer Island to the Mercer Slough Nature Park in Bellevue. Across that distance, trail users get to traverse both the box girder East Channel Bridge and the floating Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge, explore two parks on lids over the freeway and take in the views along the massive lake.

Bikers and pedestrians also get to use a unique separated tunnel below residences and parks but above the deeper I-90 vehicular travel lanes in eastern Seattle. Despite the trail's name, the busy highway is generally only visible on the two bridges and where the road emerges from underneath the lids. Elsewhere, vehicles are hidden behind landscaped sound walls, beneath the lid parks or in the tunnel.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the I-90 Trail can be found in Seattle at the trailhead on 12th Avenue S. In Mercer Island, park at either of the two public parks on the lid located off W. Mercer Way or SE 22nd Street. In Bellevue, parking is available at Enatai Beach Park on the waterfront at SE Lake Road.


Awesome ride

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Mr brother and I decided to ride out to Golden Gardens from the house, a 23.5 mile ride. It was our first time across the I-90 Trail on a gorgeous PNW day. I highly recommend this trail to people at any level. The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars: more

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TRAILBEAR IN SEATTLE – The I-90 Trail from the Mercer Lid to the Jose Rizal Bridge 7.7.10 THE TRAILBEAR IS BACK – ON A SUNNY DAY In fact, he is back on a sunny day that sets a heat record. It hit +90 in Seattle this day. Ahead is the most interesting more

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TRAILBEAR LIKES THIS FREEWAY TRAIL – Part 1: Mercer Slough to the Mercer Lid 7/2/10 “This is the best freeway trail I’ve seen. The scenery is great. There are a lot of interesting things along the way - and you don't see much of the freeway. Less more