Indian Bend Wash Trail

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This trail follows the banks of Indian Bend Wash and a small portion of the Salt River. The trail connects on the north end to the Pima Road Trail and the Indian Bend Rd. to Shea Blvd. Trail. The trail connects a large number of communities, public parks, schools, and businesses.

Parking and Trail Access


Excellent Flood Control Solution

   January, 2016 by screbner

As noted in the earlier reviews, the trail has underpasses for almost all road crossings. This makes it an excellent choice for traversing Scottsdale without having to cross any major (high traffic) roads. The surface is concrete, like a wide sidewalk. more

   February, 2015 by zillow1

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Beautiful Paved Ride Along Golf Courses and Parks

   January, 2012 by

There are golf courses, parks, and lakes all along the wash. This ride would be great for families, you can make it short, or for avid riders, very long. There are parks all along this trail where you can park your car and start the ride. Fully paved. more