Iron King Trail (Prescott to Prescott Valley)

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The Iron King's western trailhead is just beyond the Point of Rocks junction with the Peavine Trail. From the Peavine, turn right at the fork at Point of Rocks and hop on the Iron King Trail where you are engulfed in scraggly desert woods. Off-shooting trails disappear in the underbrush, and every mile or so a haunting railroad relic stands guard.

Rusted and gutted, but plainly beautiful, old train cars (smaller than most) are mounted at intervals along the trail. They're striking in their isolation, especially against the pale desert backdrop. As the Iron King breaks free of the forest and rolls into an expanse of open land, the vistas on this stretch are marvelous as the land simply lays itself bare. Low, cream-tinted hills, grasses and a haze of dust reach out toward distant mountain ranges as the trail ambles slightly downhill. A tumbleweed rolls by so perfectly placed, you look around for the Hollywood props master.

In the distance, the town of Prescott Valley comes into view. About 1 mile before trail's end (and the miles stretch out deceptively on this trail) the railroad corridor merges into an extra-wide dirt trail to reach Glassford Hill Road and Iron King's somewhat unspectacular finish, though this convenient access point to the town makes it popular with daily runners and bicyclists.

Parking and Trail Access

There's a large dirt parking lot on the east side of Glassford Hill Road. Use caution when crossing to the trail along Sante Fe Loop.


Iron King Trail Prescott Valley

   December, 2007 by noeljkelller

29 Nov 07 A large Trail Head dirt parking lot on east side of Glassford Hill Rd., N34.61422 W112.34572. Loose sand on the climb out from the square underpass required me to push my Tri-Cruiser clear, The 0.9 mile of dirt road has good and poor sections. more

   June, 2006 by

Make it longer! It's too beautiful to end so soon! read more

Should be more like this one

   April, 2006 by

"What a beautiful and functional trail. Amazing rock formations and beautiful views of plains and Mingus Mt, the Granite Dells, Granite Mt and other surrounding mountains. Best of all, this trail is very functional, serving as part of the trail system more