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Formerly the Issaquah Creek Trail, the Issaquah-Preston Trail links the towns of Issaquah and Preston in King County, Washington. The new section between High Point and SE High Point Way is hard-packed gravel, which parallels I-90 for a stretch. The trail intersects the southern terminus of the E. Lake Sammamish Trail at I-90. The best place to start is at Pickering Farm in Issaquah, which has a paved city path leading to the actual start of the Issaquah-Preston Trail (there is no decent parking at the start of the Issaquah-Preston Trail under the I-90 bridge).

From Pickering Farm, a city park, head east toward Preston, crossing Issaquah Creek in about 0.5 mile. Watch for spawning salmon in the autumn. At just under 1 mile the trail crosses a road and joins East Lake Sammamish Trail briefly before heading south to the actual trail head. The trail parallels I-90 and crosses E. Lake Sammamish Parkway SE; this is a busy interchange but there is a pedestrian crossing light.

Just after 2 miles the Issaquah-Preston Trail begins to climb to a tunnel crossing under Highland Drive NE. Enjoy the bright orange wildflower sculptures on both ends of the tunnel. Paved trails branch off in both directions uphill to Highlands and downhill to Issaquah.

Shortly behind the tunnel the pavement ends; most of the trail surface from here to High Point is gravel and some sections can be muddy at times from poor drainage. Though you can still hear traffic on I-90, you get nice views of the East Fork of Issaquah Creek.

At 3.4 miles and 3.9 miles two hiking trails lead uphill to Grand Ridge (and eventually to Duthie Hill Park). At 4.4 miles is Exit 20, with parking for or a dozen or so vehicles. Although called High Point, the real geographic high point is at the Preston trailhead. Between Exit 20 and Preston this new section parallels I-90 for nearly 1.5 miles and crosses two new bridges.

At 5.8 miles the new gravel trail ends at SE High Point Way, a paved road with wide shoulders on both sides.

Heading east a bit farther down SE High Point Way, pick up the Preston-Snoqualimie Trail on the north side of the road.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach Pickering Farms from eastbound I-90, take Exit 15, go left over the interstate bridge and curve right, heading east. Go past the first Pickering Place sign at Costco and follow the sign to Pickering Farm Historic Site; turn right into 10th Ave NW and immediately left to Pickering Farm. Note: No parking is available on Saturdays, April - October, when farmer's market is on.

The Preston trailhead (parking for about 20 vehicles) is on SE High Point Way, just west of 300th Ave. SE.


Weekend Afternoon Ride

   April, 2015 by pledbett

Nice paved trail and easy for my kids 10 and 12. from soccer park was light downhill most of way. a transition down then up fairly steep grade to cross highway midpoint in journey then nice trail. return was pretty much constant up but a nice grade and more

Very nice

   August, 2013 by anwar

Excellent for short hike(2-4 hours). I usually start hiking from issaquah. This trail is parallel to the highway, so it is a little bit noisey, but it's ok, actually it distracts that strange noises from trees espically when you hike alone, you know ha more

   May, 2013 by lkismarton

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