John Husar I&M Canal Trail

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The John Husar I&M Canal Trail is the northernmost trail developed on the Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor. The Illinois & Michigan Canal provided the final link in the water route from the east coast to the Gulf of Mexico by connecting Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River via the Illinois River in the 1800s.

The paved trail runs through preserved forest on the southern bank of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, which replaced the older canal in 1900. At State Route 83, trail users can connect directly to the Centennial Trail. That trail continues farther south to Romeoville using the opposite side of the canal, where it links with the northern portion of the nearly 70-mile Illinois & Michigan Canal State Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the John Husar I&M Canal Trail can be found in a dedicated lot below Willow Springs Road in Willow Springs.


Beautiful trail, peaceful setting

   September, 2016 by husarfoto

I had to check out this trail since it was named after a great man, John Husar. He was a champion of all things wild and wonderful, and wrote about conservation for The Chicago Tribune. We enjoyed the trail immensely and will definitely be back on a regular more

Improvements Not Coming

   April, 2016 by ssiderider

CCFPD has decided not to repave or otherwise improve the trail. A once great trail continues to deteriorate read more

Improvements coming...

   July, 2015 by ssiderider

The trail will be repaved and 'improved' starting in the spring of 2016. It wil be closed during this process with no formal start or end date set yet. It took years of complaints from users over the condition (worn out) of the trail to FINALLY get some more