Kenosha County Bike Trail

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The Kenosha County Bike Trail is open in two sections separated by dense neighborhoods in the City of Kenosha.

The northern segment runs northeast from 35th Street in the city to 1st Street at the Kenosha–Racine county line. The surroundings become increasingly rural as you head north, and trees along the corridor provide welcome shade in the summer months. Near the private Kenosha Country Club, the trail passes close to the Pike River.

At the county line, the trail seamlessly morphs into the North Shore Trail, which extends farther northward into the City of Racine.

The southern segment travels from the south side of the City of Kenosha at 89th Street south to the Wisconsin–Illinois state line at Russell Road. Tract housing and open space make up the adjacent surroundings for this portion of the trail, but trees enveloping the corridor provide shade and a sense of seclusion.

At the state line, a bridge over Russell Road offers a car-free connection to Illinois’ Robert McClory Bike Path. That trail extends south to Highland Park, connecting to a number of other trails in the northern suburbs of Chicago along the way.

Both portions of the Kenosha County Bike Trail are also components of the Pike Bike Trail, a signed collection of on- and off-road routes around the City of Kenosha.

Parking and Trail Access

There are no official parking lots for the Kenosha County Bike Trail, but parking can generally be found on neighborhoods streets in the City of Kenosha.

For the southern segment, parking is also available at Anderson Park on 22nd Avenue. Take the sidewalk along 89th Street west from the park to reach the northern trailhead.


another good point

   June, 2012 by acerider

One last good point I want to state is on on the North side Kenosha trail just a little past the Nature Center when you get to the road crossing if you take the paved path that cuts off to the left it will take you right to Pets Park which is a very enjoyable more

A enjoyable ride

   June, 2012 by acerider

The Kenosha County bike paths both of them are now black topped for enjoyable smooth riding and the concerns of mud and flooded areas are out the window unless you go across Russel Road bridge which is then getting into Illinois where it's crushed stone more

Further Info

   October, 2007 by

"The bulk of the KENOSHA span of this trail is paved on/off road the best parks hugging Lake Michigan primarily. There is no limestone between the area around Gateway Technical College when you get off the limestone in from Racine all the way until very more