Kern River Parkway Bike Path

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The trail's western end point is near the California State University campus and proceeds through several city parks with water and restroom facilities. The eastern end traverses through working oil fields. Watch for wildlife that inhabit this area, such as roadrunners and bobcats. Just east of the eastern terminus is Hart Park, a very nice county park. It is accessible along county roads with good shoulders.

This is not a "rail-trail."

Parking and Trail Access

Access is available from several city parks off of Truxtun Avenue west of Hwy 99. Trail parking is also located on the north side of the river on Manor Street.


Fun Ride!!!

   June, 2013 by rose tetrick

I ride this path 3 to 4 days a week... Love Love Love it!! Longest ride was from Calm to Enos and back... It was a long ride but a fun one!!! It's beautiful early in the morning... Don't go alone... there are homeless people in the bushes... They have more

really fun bike ride

   May, 2013 by majho

The entire distance of this bike path is 30 miles if it is taken in entirety to Lake Ming from Enos Lane. It is an up and back bike ride so be prepared to do 60 miles if you need to return. Make sure to get a map because the east end of the bike path more

Kern River Trail ride, Spring 2013

   April, 2013 by tjyancy2

I found the trail to be a very pleasant ride through Bakersfield. Much of it follows the mostly dry riverbed and is well maintained. It passes through some industrial areas and numerous parks, as well as an oil field near the northeast end. The terrain more