Kewash Nature Trail

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The Kewash Nature Trail winds for nearly 14 miles between the towns of Keota and Washington. These endpoints were creatively combined to form the trail's name. The trail has a crushed limestone surface for most of its route, but the portion within Washington's city limits is paved asphalt.

Be certain to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the trail's many features. Particularly enjoyable are the prairie remnants and wild blackberries on the long stretch from Keota to West Chester. After passing through West Chester, the trail changes to a mixture of woodland and prairie scenery. The Crooked Creek Bridge—located between West Chester and Washington—is one of the most scenic places on the trail. You will also want to stop and take a look at the County Home Pond, where fishing is permitted.

Immediately before State Route 92, you can take a short hike into Hayes Timber. Here you will be surrounded by huge ancient oaks and abundant forest flora, fauna and fungus. In Washington, be sure to take a look at the 14 acre re-established prairie and Sesquicentennial Park before taking your final rest at Sunset Park.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking, restrooms and water are available in Keota, West Chester, and in Washington at Sunset Park, which is connected to the east end of the trail by the quarter-mile, asphalt-surfaced Sesquicentennial Way.


Kewash Trail

   July, 2016 by sundog70

Nice gravel and dirt trail, flat grade. First half between Washington and West Chester often under trees lining the trail. Freshly laid gravel in first 3-4 miles outside Washington was a bit thick at times and bogged me down even with 700x38 tires meant more

A fun trail ride

   July, 2016 by johndsevers

My wife and I rode the entire length of the Kewash trail from Washington to Keota and back. The paved section was a little bumpy in places but not too bad. Would have been better if it had been swept of leaves and sticks. Once on the unpaved section it more

Great Day

   June, 2011 by ferret1

We rode this trail from Washington to West Chester and had a great time. When one is on this trail there will be no doubt that you're in Iowa. There's a really nice little part just off the trail in West Chester that is great for a snack break. read more