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The Kim Williams Nature Trail meanders alongside the Clark Fork River in downtown Missoula. It connects to the Riverfront Trail, giving users an uninterrupted 4 miles of trail from which to enjoy the river or access Missoula's neighborhoods, commercials areas, parks, and the university. The unimproved surface of original ballast is compact and wonderful for family rides.

The Kim Williams Nature Trail lies on the corridor of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific railroad, commonly known as the Milwaukee Road. The portions in Montana were built between 1906 and 1909. Having more than 656 miles of electrified track, the Milwaukee Road was ground breaking in terms of long distance electrification. In addition, this line supported both freight and passenger trains, including high-speed intercity trains, such as the steam-powered Hiawatha. In 1980, more than 1,000 miles were abandoned from Miles City, Montana to Maple Valley, Washington. Other rail-trails on the Milwaukee Road include the Route of the Hiawatha, the Milwaukee Road Rail-Trail in Idaho, and the John Wayne Trail in Iron Horse State Park.

For more information please contact the Missoula Parks and Recreation Department at (406) 721-7275

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Kim Williams on Milwaukee RR Grade

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Parking for Kim Williams Nature Trail / Ron Mac Donald Riverfront is available in McCormick Park, N46.87245 W114.00314 The Zero Mile Marker for the Bitterroot Branch Trail, Montana Rail Link, Milwaukee Rail Trail/Kim Williams Nature trail is at N46.87077 more