Kingsport Greenbelt

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The Kingsport Greenbelt runs 8 miles along the Holston River and Reedy Creek through the city of Kingsport. It is touted as both a historic and fitness trail, passing by Civil War sites, historic homes, landmarks, and bridges and other sites of interest amid river and mountain scenery. Each of the four sections along the greenbelt offer unique things to see and do.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the Kingsport Greenbelt trail from numerous places along its route. View the local map for more information (


Beautiful and easy trail, but could use better markers.

   July, 2014 by Coolbeans4me

My wife and I rode this trail yesterday, starting on the western end and we headed to the eastern end. It follows the river for most of the trail. When you come out of the park area, you have no direction as to where to go next, so we followed the road more

great beautiful trail

   June, 2014 by panma777

easy peddling almost the whole way. You can even stop for a lunch or ice cream as we did today on your path. Follows the creek bed the whole way! read more

Biking the Green Belt

   September, 2010 by athawominee

Really a great urban biking trail, all asphalt. Mostly smooth but rough in places and bombarded by Geese. A good place to bike in the day, but gets crowded in the late evenings with joggers and walkers. read more