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From Lyle to Warwick, the Klickitat Trail totals 31 miles, of which 11 miles are part of the nationally designated Wild & Scenic Klickitat River. Note that in the town of Klickitat, there is a break in the trail where it meets the Klickitat River, so the trail’s two sections are disconnected and must be experienced separately.

The trail's western section, from Lyle to Klickitat, is 13.3 miles. In Klickitat, this portion ends at J. Neils Road near the intersection of State Route 142.

The trail picks up again east of town on the south side of the Klickitat River near State Route 142 and Company Road. It continues south and east along an old rail corridor to the Goldendale Plateau, 17.7 miles farther.

The scenery is spectacular: stunning river views and carved canyons, columnar basalt cliffs, forested mountains and wildflowers. It's a great place to spot birds, too. Bald eagles winter along the river near Lyle.

There are plans to pave the trail to make it wheelchair accessible from Lyle to Fisher Hill Bridge and within the town of Klickitat. Note: horses are currently not allowed along the trail, although plans are being sought to permit them in the future.

Parking and Trail Access

There are several access points and places to park along the Klickitat Trail. For maps and directions, visit the Klickitat Trail Conservancy.


Plan better than we did!

   August, 2013 by peter298

A few words of warning: We hiked the eastern half of the trail from north to the southern trail head on Harms Road on a hot August day. Not the best idea. This trail seems better for mountain bikers than hikers, and is probably a lot more fun in Spring ...read more

p.s. note to Swayle Canyon ride

   October, 2012 by zpamz

Forgot to mention a couple small things. I rode a 29-er mountain bike and had fairly new tires. I got lucky and had no flats, so maybe the fresher tires helped. But I had a couple extra tubes and patch stuff just in case, and recommend the same for others. ...read more

Swayle Canyon, early Fall 2012

   October, 2012 by zpamz

My main interest was the upper half of the trail, riding through Swayle Canyon. I didn't have anyone to go with, so I parked at the Wahkiacus access (keep your eyes peeled for the Horseshoe Bend right turn, off 142, easy to miss) and figured I'd ride ...read more