Lake George Trail

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As the name suggests, the Lake George trail travels along the north shore of Lake George, turning north at Calumet Ave/US 41 to skirt the east shore of Wolf Lake. From Lake George the trail also heads east and north toward Whiting Park on Lake Michigan, stopping just south of the park at 119th Street. The urban trail provides access to businesses and parks. There are plans to build a pedestrian bridge that will continue the trail to Whiting Park.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at Forsythe Park in Hammond (take 119th Street west to Wolf Lake), off Calumet Avenue/US 41 at Wolf Lake, at Wolf Lake Park (121st and Calumet Ave.), off S. Indianapolis Blvd./US 12/20 and off 121st near the railroad tracks where the trail crosses 121st.


Very interesting trail

   August, 2016 by tommyspan

Paved throughout, this trail(known as the Whiting Lakefront Trail as you ride through that town)has many interesting sights, such as industrial areas, shoreline of Wolf Lake, residential areas of Whiting, shoreline of Lake George, the east edge of Downtown more

Once was Enough

   July, 2016 by kristin.creager

Rode from Wolf Lake west to William Powers State Recreation Area and then back east and rode the north side of Wolf Lake until it ended by an odd factory parking lot. Pretty but riding under power lines and the smell was not worth it. read more

Lake George review

   June, 2013 by amyh19

The paths were clear, the view was awesome and there was just enough variation of sunshine and shade to keep things cool. The Geese however are pretty intimidating. read more