Lambs Creek Hike & Bike Trail

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In 1979 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers saw value in this corridor near the Tioga River, which was part of the Erie Lackawanna Rail Line. It once passed through the village of Lambs Creek, which is no more. The Corps paved the former rail line and created the Lambs Creek Hike and Bike Trail. It still owns and maintains the trail today, with help from some local volunteers.

The trail heads from the town of Mansfield into the serene Pennsylvania countryside. It moves from openness near town into a thick growth of trees and brambles, making an appealing passage to explore and play. The trail has particularly lovely and distinct seasonal looks. Springtime showcases yellow-green willows in the wetlands; white and purple phlox drape the shoulders of the paved trail in the summer; and sumac bushes burn brilliant red and orange in autumn.

Woodchucks and rabbits scamper across the trail with little concern for the human visitors, including the sports teams that use the trail for fitness training or the science classes out on field study. While almost entirely flat with gentle curves, just outside town there is a surprisingly steep incline and dip to accommodate a terrain change. The farther from town, the quieter the trail becomes.

Lambs Creek is visible from a few vantage points in the final mile of trail. Easy-to-follow signs make navigating the couple of jogs in the route a cinch. The trail reaches its eastern terminus at the boat launch in the Lambs Creek Recreation Area. There are restrooms up the access road in the recreation area.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the Mansfield trailhead, take US Route 15N (Business Route) to Mansfield (in town US 15 becomes Main Street). After the traffic light, cross Route 6 and go approximately 4 more blocks. Turn left on Corey Street, which takes you behind an IGA shopping center. Continue straight to the trail with parking on the left.


Not for inline skating or Trikke riding

   July, 2015 by susancnett

Based on the rating I saw for this trail, I was disappointed. We turned around after 1.5 miles because the surface was so rough and there was moss growing on it. It might be good for running or walking but not for inline skating or riding a Trikke. Also, more

Lovely Ride

   October, 2012 by jzkmom21

We went on a gorgeous Fall day - perfect day for a easy ride. It is a short and for the most part flat ride but with some pretty scenery. One thing is the creek water is very, very blue - almost unusually so (not sure what is in it!)! read more

   July, 2012 by youker

I biked part of this old trail 7/27/12 while my wife kayaked on the lake/reservoir. The trail and the access road ends at a boat launch and lots of parking. Wonderful sign on the access road says, "Road ends in Water!" The trailhead in Mansfield has signs more