Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

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The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is a growing trail network across northern Vermont that will one day stretch 93 miles between St. Johnsbury and Swanton. The trail is being built along the former route of the Lamoille Valley Railroad, which once served as a vital east-west transportation corridor from 1877 until its closing in 1994.

Currently, nearly 20 miles of the trail are complete:

  • Between St. Johnsbury and West Danville, a 17-mile section opened in August 2015.

Another segment of the trail, a 16-mile stretch between Morristown and Cambridge Junction, is under construction and scheduled to be completed in late 2015.

When finished, the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail, covering three counties and eighteen towns, will be the longest rail-trail in New England.

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Joes Pond to St Johnsbury

   August, 2016 by youker

This is a wonderful downhill trail especially if your wife will drive shuttle. I was able to do much of it in higher gears. Joes Pond is a hydro project and it is interesting to see the height of the dam in the little town of West Danbury. Great old country more

Morrisville to Cambridge Junction

   August, 2016 by youker

As you can see from other reviews this section is now finished and open. It is a great ride and used a lot. On the east it starts just east of Morrisville at the crossing of Rt. 15A. It ends to the west at a parking area and rest room at Poland Bridge more

Really nice ride from St. J to Danville and back

   August, 2016 by nedwhitney

We did this ride on a beautiful sunny Saturday in August, and saw almost no one on the trail. It is mostly shaded, which was welcome on a warm sunny day. Not much in the way of views, but very nice anyway. There is a mild but steady uphill grade almost more