Lawrence Hopewell Trail

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Lawrence Hopewell Trail currently runs for 17 miles on public and private lands in Lawrence and Hopewell townships, about five miles north of Trenton. Trail planners hope to complete the trail, which will form a 22-mile loop, in 2016.

The trail links business districts, parks, schools, historic villages, and playing fields, and offers views of farmland and woodlands. At the Lawrence Township end, the trail links to the Delware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail. The LHT is broken into segments, each with its own unique historic and natural features. The open sections lie mainly on the west side of the loop, with one small open section on the east side of the loop. You can read more about them on the LHT website (link to the right under "Related Links").

Parking and Trail Access

For more information on parking and trail access, visit Friends of the LHT.


Lewisville Rd to Wargo Rd

   September, 2015 by ekuriskin

The section of the trail from Lewisville Rd to the end of Wargo Rd is a great ride through varying landscapes. However the trails could be marked better. I would not recommend going beyond Wargo Rd at this time because the need to ride on roads that have more

Brearley House to Rosedale Lake

   May, 2014 by back2bikes

Parked at the Brearley House and did the LHT to Rosedale Lake. Surface was pavement and cinder with a few gravelly spots to repair washouts. Two crossings of busy roads, but these were at crosswalks with traffic lights. Short lengths on quiet roads, but more

Princeton to Mercer Meadows

   December, 2013 by pecos

Much of the LHT has been completed since the last review. A superb paved path (Oct 2013) from Princeton Pike to the Lawrenceville School is the final step in connecting the Delaware & Raritan (D&R) canal path to Mercer Meadows (MM). As can be seen more