LeTort Spring Run Nature Trail

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The short, tranquil LeTort Spring Run Nature Trail follows its namesake creek closely, LeTort Spring Run, through a mix of deciduous trees and lowland marshes bristling with tall grasses and cattails. Bring your fishing gear; the LeTort is one of the finest limestone spring trout streams in the nation.

From LeTrot Spring Run Park, the trail traces the stream for a short distance then detours around some private property by following East Willow Court to South Bedford Street. At the end of South Bedford the rail-trail picks up again on the edge of the wood line behind Lamberton Middle School. From here, the trail follows the banks of the LeTort to S. Spring Garden Road.

The LeTort Spring Run and the surrounding woods and meadows provide habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, from field mice to whitetail deer, ducks and geese and, of course, the highly selective LeTort brown trout.

Parking and Trail Access

To access the LeTrot Spring Run Park trailhead from PA Route 74 (East High Street) in Carlisle, turn onto South Spring Garden Street. Turn right onto East Pomfret Street and enter the park on your left. Follow the driveway along the banks of the LeTort Spring Run to the end. The trail begins just across the small bridge.

To access the Bonnybrook Road trailhead from PA Route 74 in Carlisle, turn onto South Spring Garden Street. Continue to Bonnybrook Road and turn right. There is parking just over the stone arch bridge.


Nice little trail...wish it were longer

   July, 2014 by dhtrump

To avoid the streets, join the trail at the north side of Lamberton Middle School (Noble and Hanover-Rt 34). It is 1.75 miles to the southern terminus. Pretty, well-shaded and well-maintained. Quiet for a suburban trail once you cross under I-81. read more

Nothing like the sound of the highway

   May, 2014 by vbuckwash

The first quarter mile is through the suburbs of Carlisle. For another half mile the sound of the highway is louder than the sounds of nature, add to that the planes flying overhead every five minutes. You are more than halfway through the trail before ...read more

North end a bit tricky...

   December, 2011 by shmink

If you begin this trail from the north trail head (Letort Park), it becomes a bit confusing a short distance in - where you must leave the trail and walk along S. Bedford St. The trail is marked through a wooded area, but then dumps you out in an open ...read more