Loveland Recreation Trail

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The Loveland Recreation Trail encircles the "Gateway to the Rockies," offering views of the mountains and access to many of Loveland's natural treasures. While the trail is mostly complete, there are some on-road connecting segments. Contact Loveland's Parks and Recreations Department for the latest developments (see the Related Links box).

The southern loop of the trail follows the Big Thompson River, passing through Centennial Park, Fairgrounds Park and Seven Lakes Park, each offering drinking fountains, restrooms, places to picnic and other recreational amenities. For those traveling with children, Fairgrounds Park is especially worth a stop with its sprayground, skate park, athletic fields, playgrounds and interesting sculptures. This loop continues to the northwest corner of Boyd Lake State Park, a popular spot for sailing, swimming, fishing and other water sports.

The northern loop of the trail takes travelers west from Boyd Lake down to Eisenhower Boulevard. It travels through agricultural landscapes and residential areas north of, and paralleling, 57th Street for much of the journey before meandering southwest at Taft Avenue. The ends just south of the future site of Mehaffey Park.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking can be found at the community parks along the trail: Centennial Park (977 W 1st Street), Fairgrounds Park (700 S. Railroad Avenue) and Seven Lakes Park (1975 Park Drive). Parking can also be found in Boyd Lake State Park (3720 N. County Road 11), although a day pass is required to enter the park.


Two Trails

   April, 2012 by ajw

East Portion - Park at 1st and Monroe, ride west to end at Wilson Ave, turn around and ride to the east end at the top of Boyd Lake, turn around and return to start - 15 miles. Mostly flat, except for the hill up to 1st St from the river. A variety of more

Great ride

   October, 2011 by prinzmetal

Beautiful ride along a good size lake, farmland, along a river, etc. read more