Madison County Transit Quercus Grove Trail

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The MCT Quercus Grove Trail begins in Edwardsville at its junction with the MCT Nickel Plate Trail. It begins on city sidewalks and alleys near Edwardsville's historic downtown area and very quickly loses itself in the dense tree cover of the old rail line. The entire trail is nearly flat, except at Old Carpenter Road in Edwardsville, where the old rail trestle bridge was removed and the trail now plunges about 50 feet from its elevation on either side.

Leaving Edwardsville, the rail-trail alignment closely parallels Old US Route 66 (now State Route 157), and the woodlands view gives way more and more to open farmland. The trail and route diverge gradually until Jerusalem Road, where the trail leaves its rail alignment to go east and follow alongside the route all the way to Hamel—a quintessential Old Route 66 village that now celebrates its connection with the Mother Road. It's a great place to rest and look around a bit, and it's very close to the half way mark for the trail.

On the north edge of Hamel, the trail and Old Route 66 diverge again as the trail continues on to the village of Worden, where it once again becomes a rail-trail along its original rail alignment. Then at Spangle Road, it crosses to an active rail-with-trail alignment that again crosses Old Route 66 (now State Route 4), before continuing on to trail's end in Staunton.

The rail-trail sections of the Quercus Grove Trail are along alignments of the old Illinois Traction System (Illinois Terminal Railroad) of electric trains which once connected St. Louis, MO, to Springfield, IL. Various other MCT Trails are also on sections of this old rail network—as are the McKinley Bridge Bikeway, Benld-Gillespie Bike Trail and Interurban Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

There is official trail parking at these locations:

  • Edwardsville Station Park & Ride Lot, 0.5 mile from trail
  • Old Carpenter Road (Edwardsville), trailside
  • Hamel Community Park (Hamel) on alternate route through village
  • Worden Heritage Park (Worden), trailside
  • South Watertower Park (Staunton), trailside


Great Ride!

   July, 2015 by roalbrech

I ride this trail from Staunton to Edwardsville a few times a year and it never disappoints. It's great flat relaxed ride just close to 40 miles round trip. read more

Good Ride

   August, 2014 by bkn94

Road from Collinsville to Staunton and back yesterday, 8/7/14. Its about 60 miles round trip. Very nice ride. Trails are in good shape mostly paved. There is one section between Grove road and Jerusalem road that is hard packed crushed stone. Not a problem more

Hard to pronounce. Easy to ride.

   September, 2013 by wilhelmggw

Rail-trails are always fun to ride. Especially this one that's along sections of the old and storied Route 66, as well. Hamel is a must-stop along the trail. Lots of signs and businesses celebrating an older day, an older way of living. On the rail-trail, more