Manhattan Linear Park Trail

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The Manhattan Linear Park Trail will eventually circle the city of Manhattan, Kansas, but as of early 2012, the trail was 9 miles long and forms ring about two-thirds of the way around. The trail surface varies from crushed limestone to concrete sidewalks and crosses only a few roads.

Part of the trail skirts the Kansas River atop a levee, winding around the southern edge of the city through a largely rural landscape. Where the trail heads north again toward the city, it links shopping districts with suburbs. Trail amenities includes signage, benches and distance markers.

Parking and Trail Access

There are 10 access points along the trail. Park at Pottawatomie Ave. near Manhattan Ave., off US 24 near the river and off Hayes Drive south of Casement Road.


great resource!

   June, 2015 by lhd_888

LT is a great resource! I am out riding on it whenever I can and especially like the off-trail areas -- some of which can be quite nice. I am thankful for the tranquility the LT has provided me over the years!! read more

It's a walking trail...

   May, 2015 by daleliz0831

It's good as a walking trail on the edge of town. Not much scenery and a lot of traffic. read more

Great trail for the family

   May, 2012 by chrisclauss

This is a great trail to ride with your family. I have a 9 and 13 year old. We ride it every weekend. read more