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The Manteca Tidewater Bikeway is a multiuse trail running north to south through the city of Manteca, California. The flat, asphalt corridor is up to 100 feet wide in places and is popular with bikers, inline skaters and walkers. There is also an adjacent 4-foot-wide crushed gravel path for runners. This pleasant urban trail connects neighborhoods on the city's southern and northern boundaries to the central business section. It also connects to various parks, including Library Park and a sports and skateboard park. Library Park features several murals highlighting important historical aspects of Manteca's culture and history. One of the best murals tells the story of the Yokut Indian tribe, the earliest known residents in the area.

The trail follows the path of the old Tidewater Railway, an interurban passenger and freight rail. Today, parts of the line that still run are operated by Union Pacific, and the former Tidewater Southern Railway has one of highest percentages of interurban rail still running.

The trail begins at East Lathrop Road on the north end of the city. You pass through a quiet, residential section before reaching the city sports and skateboard park, a little more than halfway through the trail. Near the skate park the trail enters downtown Manteca. From here you cross through the town, with industrial buildings on both sides. An active railroad line shares the corridor until it ends at another residential area at the southern end of the city.

In 2001, the Manteca Tidewater Bikeway was one of seven recipients of a Project Award at the TRANNY Awards, which are sponsored by the California Transportation Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to recognizing outstanding transportation performance and achievement.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the northern trailhead, exit State Route 99 at East Lathrop Road and go 0.5 mile. The trailhead will be on your right. Parking is not permitted on this busy street, but there is a church parking lot across the street.

To reach the southern trailhead, exit SR 120 at South Main Street. Turn left and proceed 0.4 mile to East Woodward Avenue. Turn right on Woodward and go 0.9 mile to Spreckles Road. Turn left on Spreckles Road, turn left on East Atherton Drive, and follow it until it ends. There is no parking in this residential area.


2014 Improvements

   October, 2014 by patricia7901

The north end of Tidewater Bikeway has recently been improved. There is now an access path from the new Union Ranch homes that essentially links Del Webb homes to the Bikeway. Also, there's now a traffic controller to cross Lathrop Road. So, if you are more

Bike trails made easy

   April, 2013 by cathy20117

I get lost very easy and this site really helps by way of it's mapping. Thank You Trail Link read more

tide water

   October, 2012 by lucky24

A friend of mine and I rode this trail. It's not bad, fun for a quick ride. You do have to deal with traffic though, you cross some busy streets. read more