Marietta Bike Trail

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Three miles of this trail are open. The trail begins at the Marietta Harbor on the east side of the Muskingum River. From there the trail heads upstream along the Muskingum River and into Muskingum Park. The trail passes through the park and then leaves the river for a short portion, returning to the river at the Washington Street Bridge. It then passes near the museum, continues along the river to Sacra Via Park, follows Allen Street, and then theads back to the river crossing Clark Run through the county fairgrounds.

Future plans are for the trail to continue at Indian Acres Park and continue north for three more miles.

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"Beautiful trail, but not 6 miles"

   September, 2006 by pattyo

"I live in this area and have biked and walked this trail many times. It is a lovely trail with great scenery and nice people. However, in no stretch of the imagination is this trail 6 miles long. To be specific it is 2.8 miles. " read more