Marion County Trail (MCTRAIL)

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The Marion County Trail (a.k.a. the MC Trail) runs for 2.5 miles along Pricketts Creek through
rural Marion County. The trail's main highlight is a 1,200-foot lighted tunnel (Meredith tunnel) through the mountain. The trail begins near Prickett's Fort State Park, a reconstructed fort built originally built on the frontier of what was then known as Virginia in 1774.

Less than a century later, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad came through, and it is upon this old right-of-way that the MC Trail sits. At Prickett's Fort, you can connect with the Mons River Rail-Trail South and continue into Morgantown.

Parking and Trail Access

Park on the north end at Prickett's Fort State Park; on the south end on Morgantown Avenue in Fairmont.


Great Walking Trail

   June, 2013 by jajalo

Prickett's Fort is a great place for a picnic and a short easy hike. The MCTrail goes up over the hill towards the Fairmont city limits. The path is paved (asphalt) and can be walked in about 50min. The 400m tunnel was built in 1914 and is impressive more