Maryville-Alcoa Greenway

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The 9-mile Maryville-Alcoa Greenway connects Springbrook Park in Alcoa with the Bicentennial Greenbelt and Sandy Springs Park in Maryville. The greenway starts near the swimming pool in Alcoa's Springbrook Park, passes the schools, crosses Springbrook Road near Edison Road then follows Pistol Creek to Maryville.

Where the cities meet, Mile 0 begins on the greenway. From that point north through Alcoa is 5 miles; south the greenway is 4 miles to and around Maryville.

The greenway includes loops through the parks through which it passes, except for Sandy Springs, and offers links to shopping districts, businesses, nature areas, fitness stations and picnic pavilions.

Parking and Trail Access

There are numerous access points to the Maryville-Alcoa Greenway, including Maryville's parks: Sandy Spring, Pearsons Spring, Founders and Greenbelt. In Alcoa, access the greenbelt from Richard Williams Park and Hall and Springbrook parks.

For more information on where to park, view the local map (


Enjoyed this trail!!

   February, 2015 by 3cs

I ran several days on this trail while in town. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this trail as much as I did. read more

Deserves a Run

   September, 2014 by kathioh1

The Greenbelt is one of the best features of Maryville. Over the many years, I have walked my dogs, brought my children to play on the equipment, picnicked in the park, run and biked the trails for exercise, and casually walked with girlfriends. There more

the perfect trail for families!

   June, 2014 by gratescott06

I love that I live in Maryville and this trail goes all over Maryville and into Alcoa. It also crosses over Alcoa Hwy with a nice pedestrian bridge. The other side of the trail is a wetland where you can see herons perched in trees. It is much longer more