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Running through the colorful heart of northern Minnesota's Iron Range region, the Mesabi Trail is well on its way to becoming one of the finest long-distance paved trails in the U.S. when complete, the trail will run for 132 miles between Grand Rapids and Ely. As of early 2012, about 115 miles are complete between Grand Rapids and Wynne Lake, with side spur to Aurora. There's a 3-mile section in Soudan and another 3 miles in Ely.

From the perspective of the recreational trail user, the Mesabi Trail provides walkers, joggers, inline skaters, cyclists and the differently abled with the opportunity to connect with nature as the trail winds through woods, stream areas, ponds and lakes. Animal sightings on the trail are common, with deer, raccoons, beavers, eagles, hawks and even the black bear being relatively common sights. For history buffs, the trail is an open window onto the mining past, and present, of the Iron Range as the Mesabi Trail takes users past manmade mine-pit lakes, old iron ore pits and still-working iron ore mines.

Because the trail connects with so many towns and tourist attractions, such as the United States Hockey Hall of Fame in Eveleth, Hill Annex Mine State Park near Calumet and the Forest History Center in Grand Rapids, the Mesabi Trail is also seen as a way to get from place to place without always hopping in a car.

Parking and Trail Access

Access and parking are too numerous to list here. Visit the Mesabi Trail online for specific directions.


poor "in-town" segments

   August, 2009 by TimBee

The Mesabi is a very unique trail for MN. Most midwest rail trails are flat & somewhat boring. The Mesabi has numerous hills (many pretty steep) and curves. The scenery is spectacular even though much of it is obscured by small trees & shrubs close to more

A spectacular trail

   September, 2008 by dreamshark

My husband and I biked 3 sections of this trail during and just after Labor Day weekend. It's a beautiful trail, wide and smooth and remarkably scenic. Not a lot of facilities at the trail heads, but all the little towns have pit stops of one sort or more

Smooth not rough...

   January, 2008 by RTCKC

I think there's an error on the last review of this trail. This trail is paved, it is smooth. The surface isn't broken up at all. There is no need for a mountain bike on this trail. I think he's talking about the wrong trail. I last rode this trail in more