Monarch Chesterfield Levee Trail - Missouri River Greenway

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As its name implies, the Monarch Chesterfield Levee Trail was built on top of an embankment created to protect Chesterfield from Missouri River flooding. As such, it offers a wide, flat route over smooth pavement.

The trail covers just over 10 miles on the western outskirts of St. Louis, beginning near the Howell Island Conservation Area, a heavily forested region popular for birdwatching, fishing and hiking. From there, the trail travels east through open grassland.

Along the way, the trail provides access to the Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex, which includes playgrounds, concession areas, restrooms and dozens of playing fields for baseball, softball, soccer and football.

The trail currently ends in the east at the Hardee’s Iceplex. A disconnected southern section of the trail running next to Bonhomme Creek will eventually meet the main trail at the facility.

Parking and Trail Access

Two large parking lots are available just off the trail at the Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex (17925 N. Outer 40 Road).


Great Trail for Skating

   December, 2016 by rahm.jackie

I really like this trail for my skill at roller skating and age. I start at the Hardees end and skate to near the river where it starts to go downhill. I then turn around and return to my start point. As a result, i skate about 10 miles. I am surprised more

All 10.4 miles are open again!

   October, 2016 by vjdill6

This is a great paved trail. I read the reviews and the warnings that the part that goes under the bridge was closed. I was pleased to find all current 10.4 completed miles open. I would like to return and ride the loop when they complete the entire loop. more

Trail still closed at Missouri River Bridge

   June, 2016 by dmcquinn69

The western end of the trail is closed at the Missouri River Bridge so you can't cross to the south side of Interstate 64 (highway 40) yet. But there is still 6 or 8 miles of trail (all asphalt) on top of the levee on the north side of I-64 (south side more