Monroe Township Bikeway

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The Monroe Township Bikeway is a 6.36-mile connection between the suburban communities of Glassboro and Williamstown. In Glassboro the trail passes through the dense forest of the Glassboro Fish and Wildlife Management Area and then transitions through quiet residential neighborhoods and community open spaces. The trail follows the former right-of-way of the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Line that served the New Jersey shore points of Atlantic City, Ocean City, Wildwood and Cape May. The Seashore Line did not follow a stream valley like so many eastern rail corridors; the result is a trail that is arrow-straight for long distances.

Beginning in Glassboro the trail cuts east and passes a few commercial and industrial properties before it enters a hardwood forest within the Glassboro Fish and Wildlife Management Area. The heavy tree canopy helps keep this section of the trail cooler during summer. The forest thins out to a single-file line of trees on both sides before crossing Monroe Avenue. After the street crossing, the trail returns to a heavily wooded forest for the next 1.5 miles.

The Monroe Township Bikeway emerges from the forest at the edge of a residential neighborhood. The route becomes more open, as it passes residential neighborhoods for about 0.5 mile before returning to forested shade. After crossing North Tuckahoe Road, you pass the Williamstown Middle School complex, with ball fields and a football stadium. The trail crosses Clayton Road and runs parallel to Railroad Avenue for a short distance, and you pass community ball fields.

The trail reaches an unassuming end at Blue Bell Road across the street from the Williamstown Police Station. A plaque at the Williamstown end of the bikeway designates it as the George F. McDonald Sr. Memorial Bike Path. McDonald served as mayor of Williamstown from 1975 to 1978. A convenience store at the end of the trail is perfect for stocking up on refreshments before returning to Glassboro.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at Williamstown Middle School (561 Clayton Road) on the east end of the trail.


Best. Bike Trail. Ever.

   June, 2016 by nathanrodgers

It's long, straight, smooth, clean, scenic...everything you'd want a bike trail to be. If it were 100 miles long, I'd make every effort to traverse the whole thing. Six miles and some change is a good length to go to one end and back in a couple hours. more

Has given back so much to the community...

   February, 2016 by tamburello7

I started using the Williamstown-Glassboro bike trail several years ago, after it was completed in its present 6.25 mile glory (perhaps a few steps more, but not sure where they got 6.36 miles). I bike it some, but mostly run it. The trail is frequented more

College town to Williamstown

   November, 2015 by lukeskywalker9

Great walk with my 4 year old mini Doberman mix breed, on a beautiful 60 degree November day. Started out by the Ritas in Glassboro and ended up slightly passed Williamstown High by the police department. All the colors of the fall gleamed through the more