Mud Creek Trail

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The Mud Creek Trail follows its namesake Mud Creek, known as Freyschlag Creek in the 19th century, from North Old Missouri Road at the eastern terminus to the connection with Scull Creek Trail at Steele Boulevard in the west. The 10-foot-wide asphalt trail includes a short stretch on North Front Street, which has bike lanes. The trail runs past numerous residences, retail stores, restaurants and a movie theater, all while providing a secluded place to experience nature.

The Mud Creek Trail's connection with the Scull Creek Trail, which itself connects to the Frisco Trail in downtown Fayetteville, provides a continuous network of 7.6 miles of trail to the residents of the city. A spur to the north of the Mud Creek Trail also connects with bike lanes on Vantage Drive to give bicyclists a route to the Lake Fayetteville Nature Trail on the north side of Fayetteville. Benches are available along the Mud Creek Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

Public parking is provided at the eastern terminus on North Old Missouri Road between the trail's intersection with Joyce Boulevard to the north and Sweetbriar Drive to the south. The trail can also be accessed where it crosses North Front Street, between Joyce Boulevard and East Sain Street; Mall Avenue between Joyce Boulevard and Van Asche Drive; and Steele Boulevard between Joyce Boulevard and Van Asche Drive.