Neuse River Trail

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Along the eastern outskirts of Raleigh, the Neuse River Trail follows the river for nearly 28 miles from Falls Lake Dam to the Wake/Johnston County line. There are several river crossings along the way, including two on suspension bridges. The scenic, tree-lined trail offers numerous wildlife viewing opportunities, especially on its boardwalks through wetland areas.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at several points along the trail, including the lots listed below from north to south. Additionally, drinking water and restrooms are available at Buffaloe Road Athletic Park and Anderson Point Park.

  • 2928 Horseshoe Farm Road (2928 Horseshoe Farm Road)
  • Buffaloe Road Athletic Park (5812 Buffaloe Road)
  • Anderson Point Park (20 Anderson Point Drive)


November 2013 ride

   November, 2013 by d.monty

I drove up from Moore County to ride this trail. Since I made a 1.5 hour drive I felt I had to get my monies worth and I rode from Clayton's Sam's Branch Trail to the proximity of Horseshoe Farm Park where the trail ends (for now). About a 51 mile round more

Johnston County Section

   August, 2013 by mhodges5

Nice Trail. I rode from Anderson Point Park to the end at Clayton which is 15 miles one way including the clayton riverwalk. There is more scenery in this section but all of the neuse is very nice trail to ride Starting the trail at anderson point more

Looking forward to the Neuse River Trail completion in early 2014!

   June, 2013 by trek29er

The Neuse River Trail continues to get better and better. All that remains is a small connection at Horseshoe Farms. A great deal of attention was paid to the design of this trail. It is visually appealing and there is an abundance of wildlife to be seen, more