North Augusta Greeneway Park

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The North Augusta Greeneway follows an abandoned right-of-way of the former Central of Georgia Railway (later the Central Rail Road and Banking Company of Georgia). The trail meanders 5.5 miles through the riverfront community of North Augusta. It climbs only 200 feet or so over its course from the River Golf Club on the Savannah River through residential neighborhoods and wooded alcoves to its new northern terminus at Bergen Road, just north of I-20. Despite the dense suburban setting, a careful trail design engenders a surprisingly natural environment.

Buffering much of the route is a 100-foot-wide, wooded right-of-way that provides habitat for native birds, deer and other wildlife. Trees hide more developed sections of the trail, while new bridges and culvert tunnels whisk users beneath and over busy road crossings. There is a traffic-light-controlled crossing at busy Pisgah Road. There are also shops along Pisgah Road. Such conscientious environmental planning has earned the Greeneway federal designation as a National Recreation Trail.

Residents use the Greeneway as a travel corridor between surrounding neighborhoods. If you're just visiting, the trail offers a great way to explore the area. Even in the heat of summer, the tree canopy provides significant shade for most of the length. Hop on and mingle with locals out for a ride or a stroll. Roll into Hammond Hill skate park, south of the trail on Cypress Drive in Riverview Park and watch as skateboarders hone their skills. If you're interested in more relaxing pursuits, head to the fishing pier on the Savannah, a short walk from the Riverview trailhead.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the Riverview Park trailhead from Georgia Avenue in North Augusta, take Buena Vista Avenue west, turn left on Georgetown Drive and continue to the activities center parking lot in Riverview Park. This access point links up with the trail just over 1 mile north of The River Golf Club trailhead. There are also new parking lots at Bergen Road, Pisgah Road and at the activities building in Riverview Park (Fairfield Ave and Riverview Park Dr.).


Outstanding scenic trail

   January, 2017 by freakdom2003

Rode the entire length of the trail twice it was exhilarating both mentally and physically. The paved surface enables a smooth ride. The only downside was the amount of other patrons who were standing in the middle of the path. Look forward to my next more

More than just the North Augusta Greeneway Park

   April, 2016 by tinasdude

The trail ends right near the 13th street bridge going over the savannah river into Augusta. Cross the bridge and ride approximately 1 1/2 miles to Augusta canal trail which runs between the canal and the savannah river. more

A great ride

   August, 2015 by franciedgerly

A lot of fun even if you do not ride every day. Serious and not so serious riders. Fun to see families and pedestrians respectfully sharing the trail. I can't wait to get back out tomorrow. read more