Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve Trail

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The Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve Trail is a part of the City of Plano trail system. This trail winds its way through Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve, and includes a short loop for a total of 3.4 miles of trail. It also connects on its southern end to the Bob Woodruff Park Trail.

Parking and Trail Access


nice hiking trail

   May, 2016 by ktseba

Quiet, away from roads, horses riding by. Great for a little self-reflecting! read more

Tons of trail options

   June, 2015 by mayrajaeplazola

Love this trail!! There's a paved trail that most people stay on and there are tons of small unpaved side trails that are really beautiful. Highly recommend this place. read more

Another excellent trail in Plano

   April, 2013 by gtaber

This is one of my favorite trails, and with the tie in to Woodruff park trail, and the Santa Fe trail, you can go all over E. Plano, from the southern most end almost to Allen on the northern end. The drinking fountains are functional and output clean ...read more