Oceanside Coastal Rail Trail

Trail Map

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The Coastal Rail Trail will one day run 44 miles from Oceanside to San Diego along the Coaster commuter rail. Today, short sections of the trail are coming together, including this one in Oceanside, which provides just over a mile of trail.

Two blocks west of the trail's north end lies Tyson Street Park, which offers an ocean beach and a large grassy area perfect for picnicking.

Parking and Trail Access

Metered parking is available along S. Pacific Street, two blocks west of the north end of the trail.


Best near me.

   September, 2013 by dangerousdave

Very good, well surfaced path, except that a few of the concrete sections are bone jarring rough. Pedestrians can get pretty thick on the weekend. Avoid hazards by clearing it by 7:30 read more