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A favorite among rail-trail enthusiasts, the Ojai Valley Trail extends about 9.5 miles north of Ventura from Foster Park to the heart of Ojai. Combining this trail with the Ventura River Trail, which extends southward from Foster Park, makes for a memorable, lengthy rail-trail experience.

The smallest city in Ventura County, Ojai is located in the scenic Ojai Valley, surrounded by the peaks of Los Padres National Forest. The city has long been known as a haven for artists, musicians and outdoor enthusiasts. The Chumash Indians were the first known residents of Ojai, and the town's name derives from their word for moon, "A'hwai."

The Ojai Valley Trail follows the former Ventura and Ojai Valley Railroad and runs along the Ventura River into the valley. This is a gorgeous ride, providing sweeping views of the surrounding mountains. This trail is more rural than the Ventura River Trail to the south, especially where it moves away from State Route 33. There is a gradual uphill grade as you make your way north from the Foster Park trailhead.

The trail is paved and in generally good condition, with a parallel woodchip path for equestrians. Near the 2-mile mark, you pass through an oak grove and then cross a low-lying cement-and-railroad-tie bridge that spans a creek at its confluence with the Ventura River. The trail section close to the bridge is sandy and may be underwater during heavy winter rains. Continuing north, the trail crosses several driveway entrances and roads. Between Loma and Hermosa roads, near mile 7, a sturdy shade structure framed by two large oak trees is equipped with a bench and recycling bins.

At the 8-mile mark, the trail crosses the major intersection of State Routes 33 and 150. Cross carefully here and pick up the trail on the other side of SR 150. At mile 9, you pass through grassy Libbey Park, which offers parking, restrooms and access to a short park trail leading to downtown Ojai. You might want to time your visit to coincide with the Ojai Music Festival, which takes places at the Libbey Bowl amphitheater in early June. Libbey Park also hosts a number of free summer concerts.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the Foster Park trailhead, from downtown Ventura, take State Route 33 heading north. Exit SR 33 at Casitas Vista Road. Turn right on N. Ventura Avenue, and then right again on Casitas Vista Road, on which you will pass under SR 33. The entrance to Foster Park is on the north side of Casitas Vista Road. Parking is available here.


a treat of a ride

   August, 2016 by surfintrekie

beautify scenery with some hills. portions of the trail there are stop signs and a few roads to go over, slight up hill to Ojai from Ventura, ends a Libby Park. a great ride back, there are some bumps as the tree roots cause the paved path to shifts. ...read more

Uphill Ride

   February, 2016 by acewickwire

We started at Foster Park (weekend entrance fee is $4) and rode 7 miles towards Ojai. Foster Park has plenty of parking and restrooms, noted that some folks parked outside of the park at the underpass. The ride towards Ojai is uphill, a bit more uphill ...read more

Ojai Valley Trail

   October, 2013 by muralscapes

I started my ride in Ventura at the Rex rd & Olive rd entrance. The first 3-5 miles are industrial wasteland (not a very safe part of town, either: If you need to park your car, make sure you park closer to Main street & lock up your belongings) The ...read more