Old Plank Road Trail (WI)

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The Old Plank Road Trail parallels State Route 23—a road originally built out of wooden planks in the 1800s—from the western edge of Sheboygan to the Village of Greenbush. The trail was one of the first in the country constructed in the same right-of-way as a divided 4-lane highway.

The trail’s proximity to a busy highway makes it a convenient commuting route for thousands of residents of Sheboygan County; the trail is as direct as the adjacent road. Although SR 23 is always within view, the trail is surprisingly scenic, passing close to (and crossing) the Sheboygan River through some of Wisconsin’s finest farmland.

The Old Plank Road Trail is also a bit of a challenge, as there are some significant hills along the way. This is partially due to its proximity to the Kettle Moraine State Forest, which was formed through the movement of glaciers thousands of years ago.

An adjacent grass sidepath allows equestrian users to experience the trail and the many sights along the way. In Greenbush, the Wade House Historic Site is a popular place to explore at the beginning or end of a trek on the trail. The area includes a restored stagecoach hotel, sawmill, blacksmith shop and museum, and is located just south of the trail off Plank Road.

Parking and Trail Access

There are four trailheads offering parking along the Old Plank Road Trail. In the east, park on Erie Avenue in Sheboygan. Farther west, park at the trailhead on Meadowlark Road.

In Plymouth, there is a trailhead at the intersection of Eastern Avenue and SR 57. The westernmost trailhead is located in Greenbush at the trail’s crossing of Plank Road.


Safe, Gets you off the busy highway

   August, 2015 by y1htak

Very safe. Enjoy direct highway route without being on it. Trade off is that it is more hilly than highway. Allows you to cross roads before intersections so helps you avoid getting run over by cars turning right. Pretty neat. spectacular view at top ...read more

From Greenbush to Plymouth -- Grueling Hills

   July, 2015 by shirleybjansen

Twelve round trip miles, not for a beginner or the faint of heart. The most difficult, yet satisfying bike trail we have ever been on! read more

Not Meant for Inline Skates

   July, 2015 by lizzie231

My husband and I had high hopes for this trail while we were staying in Sheboygan. We started at the trailhead in Sheboygan and headed east. The trail was smooth and in good shape, we even enjoyed the rolling hills. As other reviewers have stated the ...read more