Olympic Discovery Trail West - Forest and Ocean Section

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The Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) encompasses about 126 miles between the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The trail travels east—west the width of the Olympic Peninsula between Port Angeles and the Pacific Ocean at La Push, home to the Quileute Native Peoples. As of autumn 2011, roughly 40 miles of the paved ODT are complete.

The Olympic Discovery Trail is a continuation of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail. The ODT also forms a significant portion of several larger trails, including Senator Patty Murray's proposed Olympic Peninsula Loop Trail and the Seattle-Vancouver-Victoria-Port Angeles to Seattle Loop.

Part of the ODT will follow the corridor of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad. The trail passes along tribal lands and incorporates historical sites of interest, as well as providing scenic views of the mountains and the sea.

From west of Lake Crescent, the Olympic Discovery Trail West - Forest and Ocean Section will continue west to LaPush, 41.6 miles. As of autumn 2011, only 1.5 miles of the trail is complete in LaPush. Cyclists can join this section along an on-road route from the western terminus of the Olympic Discovery Trail West Central - Lake and Foothills Section.

Parking and Trail Access

Access to this section is in LaPush until other sections of this trail are formerly developed.