Osage Prairie Trail

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The Osage Prairie Trail follows the corridor of the old Midland Valley Rail. The trail links Oklahoma State University in Tulsa with the town of Skiatook to the north. The trail is lighted in places for night use, and passes through both urban and rural landscapes. The southern end is mostly suburban, while around Skiatook and Sperry the trail takes on a more countryside atmosphere.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the Osage Prairie Trail in several places along its route and many trailheads have bike racks, water fountains, parking and benches.

In Skiatook, park on Locust Street just south of Rogers Blvd. In downtown Sperry, park just off Main Street just west of Oak St.

In Tulsa, parking is available off E. 56th Street N., near where it crosses the trail; near the trail intersection with Mohawk Blvd.; and at OSU campus.



   April, 2016 by biggdawg

Rode this trail from Tulsa to Skiatook and back. Not that much to see but if you want miles and want not much traffic this is a trail for you. Better make sure you have at least one spare tube lots of glass on the trial read more


   June, 2015 by nanersg24

Way to many intersections w traffic. read more

It would be better if it had a few more riders b/t 46th and 56th N.

   May, 2014 by jben

I rode the entire trail about two weeks ago for the first time during a weekday. For the most part I enjoyed it. As others mentioned, the part from just South of Sperry all the way into Skiatook is really nice. I also found the other end, from the ...read more