Pacific Electric Bike Trail

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A neighborhood trail of the first order, the Pacific Electric Bike Trail links well-kept middle class neighborhoods on either side of tree-lined Maple Street near downtown Santa Ana. The trail runs on a portion of a former Pacific Electric interurban railway corridor that once connected the city with the Pacific Ocean beach community of Huntington Beach.

At the trail's southern end, cross E. Adams Street to pick up the Alton Avenue Bike Trail—a rail-with-trail—for a longer trek through Santa Ana.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the northern endpoint from Interstate 5, take the Fourth Street exit in Santa Ana. Follow Fourth Street west to Grand Avenue and go left (south) on Grand Avenue to E. First Street. Turn right (west) on E. First Street, and follow it to Maple Street, which is on the left (south) side of the road. Go south on Maple Street to E. Chestnut Avenue; the rail-trail starts at this intersection.

To reach the southern endpoint on E. Adams Street, you can either follow Maple Street all the way south to trail's start, or go west one block to Orange Avenue, which also goes south all the way to E. Adams Street.

There is parking along the streets at both endpoints.



   March, 2007 by noeljkelller

"This Trail is now connected to the Alton Ave Bike Trail by crossing Orange Ave to the sidewalk then a short distance South, N33.71255 W117.86580 elev 56’, which makes the trail 5 miles long. Across Main the trail is on the south side of the tracks. An more