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The Patuxent Branch Trail is part of a 20-mile trail system over and around the rolling hills of Howard County that follows a former Baltimore and Ohio Railroad line along the Patuxent River.

The trail begins in Savage Park. Follow signs along the trail indicating the direction to Lake Elkhorn. When you reach Vollmerhausen Road, turn left and stay on the sidewalk to find the trail where it picks up on the other side of the road at the bottom of this short hill. A crosswalk eases you across this busy road.

A little more than half of the trail is paved (from Lake Elkhorn to the Pratt Bridge), and the other half has a gravel surface, which can get muddy in wet weather. A small portion of the trail includes a bridle path. Ten bridges help keep you dry as you travel through this flood plain. The most impressive, the 1902 Guilford Pratt Truss Bridge, is a symbol of Howard County's two most important industries—the railroad and the granite quarry. Signs along the trail explain the historical significance of both industries, and the trail will take you straight through the grounds of a quarry that operated until 1928.

The rail-trail ends at Lake Elkhorn, but picnic facilities, a playground, parking, a boat slip, and a walking and biking path around the lake may keep you going. Or you can head back to the Savage Park entrance of the Patuxent Branch Trail and pick up the flatter and shorter Savage Mill Trail that begins just a few blocks away on Foundry Street, near the entrace to the Historic Savage Mill.

Parking and Trail Access

To access the Savage Park entrance from Interstate 95, take State Route 32/Patuxent Parkway east and turn right on US 1/Baltimore Washington Boulevard, heading south toward Laurel. Turn right on Gorman Road and right again on Foundry Street. Turn left onto Washington Street and follow it to the end, where you take a right onto Fair Street, which ends at the park. Take the road in the parking lot to the right until it ends at a smaller parking lot at the trailhead.

To access the Lake Elkhorn entrance from I-95, take SR 32/Patuxent Parkway west then Broken Land Parkway north toward Owen Brown. The lake (and a parking lot next to the playground and boat slip) will be on your right.


   September, 2016 by wallicktn

Trail was very pretty and definitely a good workout. However if you plan on biking all the way to Lake Elkhorn, pay close attention to the signs. I had to backtrack a bit because some of the signs are blink-and-you-miss-it. You can add 2 miles to your more

Carefull, trail is busy on the weekends

   August, 2016 by tomlikeslife

biked the trail early on a beautiful Sunday morning (from Savage Park to the lake and back) and it was less than 12 miles total. It was a very nice trail with lots of walkers, runners and some bikers. A lot of the walkers/runners had their headphones more

   August, 2016 by tomlikeslife

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